You’ll find me drinking coffee out of my favorite mermaid coffee cup, at 5:00am, with a big grin on my face, and a poetry book in my hand. The air is more crisp in the morning when the dew is still covering the lawn, and the birds are just starting to sing, I’ll never deny the fact that I am what you call an

Early Bird…..


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The Forgotten Items

So many unclaimed items live in the lost and found Maybe people forgot and moved on Forgotten books, clothes, and electronics Stuffed into a box -labeled-¬†lost and found¬† but these things may stay lost forever Because these are the forgotten items, that didn’t matter.

Ive gained so much

Ive gained a great deal of things in this short amount of time I’ve also lost a great deal of things in this short amount of time. Cut your losses and see what you will gain. ~Jada Moon

Monday Madness

Its Monday Morning I scrolled through your Tumblr It tossed my chest around a little All the quotes about how different people feel about love Yet none of them remind me of us, when I think back, did we actually love each other? I don’t think it was wrong timing or we met to late … Continue reading Monday Madness

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